In business since 1951, the management and staff at Neufeld Building Movers take pride in customer satisfaction by delivering quality services with a professional approach. We're not just moving a house—it's your home!


Neufeld Building Movers is a member of the Saskatchewan Building Movers Association(SBMA), the Alberta Building Movers Association(ABMA), the Midstates Housemovers Association, the Western Canada Association of Structural Movers(WCASM), and the International Association of Structural Movers (IASM). Currently Kerry Neufeld is the president of the Western Canada Association of Structural Movers and is on the board of directors for the IASM.


We provide moving services that include moving RTM Homes, relocating houses of any size, all types of farm buildings, and steel buildings and shops. We also provide services for the industrial sector by raising, relocating, and even installing heavy machinery or equipment or any type of steel structures.


Neufeld Building Movers has a sister company, Canadian Basement Replacements Inc. CBRI will replace a deteriorated or damaged basement and we also construct new foundations for new construction. For more detailed information, visit the Canadian Basement Replacements Inc. website.


We are happy to provide a free estimate for your house or building move and to answer any questions you may have regarding that move.





How to Locate Us

How to Locate Neufeld Building Movers

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